Enlightenment Ain’t For Everyone

Here’s a sneak peek at how 2018 is going to go for this blog.

2017 was a year full of folks seeing “the light.” Many of you, your friends or family saw: injustice happen and fight against it; communities rally together in times of crises; and saw through the daily bullshit that happens on a regular basis around them.  Some of these folks are claiming to be “woke” or spiritual “AF.” That’s a whole ‘nother blog post.

What’s more? Many of these same people like to post their findings and “awakenings” on social media. From all the posts I’ve seen? This “sharing” comes with a version of  “I’m just trying to help”  message. I hate to break it to ya’ll who are doing these things……:

Enlightenment Ain’t For Everyone

Just because you feel “Woke” (or whatever appropriated term is trending) doesn’t mean you should “share” your opinions, findings and truths with people who don’t care and will ALWAYS choose to ignore you. Ya’ll know who I’m talking about. Those people who are still doing the same lame ass things that they always do.

For those who have actually reached enlightenment in its many stages, ya’ll know that silence is golden. Keep your mouth shut unless you’re being directly asked for help. This is the hardest thing next to actually reaching any stage enlightenment (even if it’s realizing that sometimes you make bad decisions), is actively letting others reach that stage themselves.

Let me be clear. If people honestly want to change, they will pay attention; try to change; and most of all, ask for help.  Until then? Here are some wise words that should be trending:



Don’t Call Me Reverend ~ Pray

No Reverends Allowed
Yes. I am officially clergy. Yes, I have earned the title. No, don’t call me that. Not yet.
The term “reverend” has been around since the 1400s. Under normal circumstances, it’s used as a title of respect for members of the clergy. See that word “respect”? I haven’t earned that just yet. I’m working on it.

To earn the respect of others is a big deal to me. Anyone can study spirituality. Some can pass the tests dictated by their belief systems. Few get to invoke their Higher Selves to tap into the powers of the Universe… That doesn’t mean squat when it comes to respect from their fellow humans and peers.

Earning the respect of others is my ego check incarnate. I may think I’m the best thing since communion wafers – but when things get hard I don’t want to break. I want to be the kind of Reverend that gets those Psychic 911 calls. I want to be the kind of Reverend that goes out drinking with you as the designated driver when you want to drown your sorrows in cheap scotch. I want to be the kind of Reverend that rarely answers Facebook pleas or Kijiji listings for house blessings, readings, mini magic or handfastings. To show respect, to earn that title of “Reverend” means that the people and community I serve know me. They know who I am, what I am and what I can do. My community will recommend me for anything that is needed.

To be clear, this is not to be confused with fame. I know a few famous people and Reverends. I wouldn’t recommend them for giving you the time of day. Sure they are usually favorably know and placed high among their peers…. But that doesn’t mean a thing to me. They didn’t earn my respect either through their actions or attitude. Bad behavior and news travels fast everyone. And in a community as small as mine? Everyone will eventually know a version of the dirty details.

So I know there will be the talk behind my back. I know that there will be rumors. I endeavor to at least get people to spell my name right when it happens. I also encourage those who have a bad story about me to tell me about it! I want to know what the scuttlebutt is! If the dirt is true, I’ll confess. I have no more illusions of my own infallibility. If the gossip isn’t true? I at least know where I stand and where the misinformation is coming from. Who knows? I might have a bit more gossip to spread just to see where and how the information flows. Yes, that is rather low. I’m ok with that.

So for now. Just call me Terrie. I’m fine with “Priestess.” But, don’t call me Reverend…. Not yet.

The First Full Moon ~ Pray

Seven days ago, something wonderful happened. After five long years of study and several months of angst ridden testing, I became a Corellian Priestess, First Degree.

Terrie ~ Corellian Tradition - Mother Temple - Dancers of Shakti Temple - First Degree







Excitement and relief rolled through me. I got to announce to my fellow pagan peers that I finally reached one of many goals. I quipped “Now the real work starts.” And has it ever.

Two days ago, I did a single card Tarot reading for myself. Let it be known that I don’t have the best of experiences do this. However, that day was interesting. The card I drew? The Star.








My first thought was: “Seriously?”  My reasoning was simple. See that Star?  I have that tattooed on my right shoulder to represent my highest goals and dreams. I got that tattoo in 2000 as I graduated from college and had no idea what a pagan was.  Now, a lifetime later, there she was, the Star card shining back at me as a promise of a better future where the Universes is on *my* side for a change.

Oh it gets better.

Now we here. My first full moon as a bona fide priestess. I’m racked with migraines. I can’t keep my food down. I’ve lost one of my favourite bracelets and not even the Fey have decided to retrieve it for me.  Just when I thought that maybe – just maybe – I’m not cut out for this work, a few more signs came my way. Make that three signs:










That’s right. I saw with these four eyes, every one of my animal totems – in the same day. Hawk flew along side me as I drove to work. Raven and all his buddies played outside my window at work. Coyote gave a whisper of a reminder that he was still around as he crossed the road in front of my car on the drive home – to disappear in the brush and snow in seconds.

Yeah, I think I’m gonna be ok.  So begins a new journey with a new look and focus.
☮ T