Black Occultist History


Paschal Beverly Randolph (October 8, 1825 – July 29, 1875)

You may not know his name. You may not know what he did, but if you’re a black occultist? If you enjoy esoteric wisdom? You should. Paschal Beverly Randolph, was a spiritualist, occultist, sex magician and the founder of the first (accepted history) Rosicrucian order in North America.

Folks? That is a BIG DEAL. So let’s go over the history.

Randolph, born in New York City as a free man of color, did not have it easy despite his infamous ancestry. You see, two of his ancestors are William Randolph I (1650-1711), the colonist and politician that helped shape the now state of Virginia and Mary Isham (1659-1735), a wealthy widow at the time. Those two are know as the “Adam and Eve” of Virginia. Through their combined progeny, nine children who survived to adulthood, they helped shape the future of a young America. Know Thomas Jefferson? Robert E. Lee? Yeah, that’s the family.

But a young Paschal didn’t get any of the fame, fortune or privilege from his family. His mother, Flora Beverly, died young. On her deathbed, she claimed she was the “granddaughter of a Madagascar queen.” His father, William Beverly Randolph, wasn’t around (as expected). Raised by his half sister, Harriet, for a while, Paschal bounced around, getting religion, losing it, and generally learning that life wasn’t fair. After a while, he ran away to become a sailor and support himself.

Paschal, traveled everywhere he could, through Europe and all the way to Persia. Yet, that interest in religion stuck with him. Now interested in mysticism and the occult, Paschal studied folk magic with indigenous peoples and looked into other religions as much as he could. In these travels, especially in England and Paris, he met and befriended several occultists. After several years of  living and learning from indigenous peoples in the Middle East and on the continent of Africa, Paschal returned to the States in 1855. This is when he found his voice and began to shake the occult world.

Paschal traveled the states, lectured on abolition of slavery, and wrote many books (some under the names “Griffin Lee” or “Count de Leon”) on spiritualism, health, the occult, magic and medicine and more. He also established an independent publishing company.

“Some men are daily dying, some die ere they have learned how to live; and some find their truest account in revealing the mysteries of both life and death….” ~ Dealings with the dead : the human soul, its migrations and its transmigrations  by Randolph, Paschal Beverly

Paschal, now trained as a doctor of medicine, was an avid promoter of birth control. He also worked as a trance medium. He advertised his services as a spiritual practitioner in magazines and appeared on stages. All of this changed by 1858.

After having met several students of what we now call Rosicrucianism, (including Eliphas Levi) Paschal denounced spiritualism and mediumship (as it was at the time) and announced his conversion to Christianity. (Relax ya’ll. He just became a Christian mystic.) In this time, Paschal sought to put together his ideas of Will, Magic and Psychism into something cohesive. Often called a propagandist, Paschal continued to spread his beliefs and called it Rosicrucianism, though he stated that his ideas were his own.  For those who are still with me, Psychism should be pretty familiar. It’s what we call psychic powers today! Seeing auras, telepathy, and the rest.  Now, here’s where it gets interesting and fuzzy.

“… I am not in a position to affirm that Paschal Beverly Randolph produced the first putative Order of the Rosy Cross in America, but I have failed to trace anything anterior to his date, and he will answer as the first witness in a line of occult adventurers who are typically characteristic of their place and circumstance.”
– A.E. Waite (yes, the Tarot guy)

Paschal sought to spread his beliefs in America through initiation lodges.  By 1861, Paschal had several deep visions in trances that would lead him to make several bold choices in his life. He formed a “Grand Lodge of Eulis” in California. He called them “Rosicrucian Rooms” and published pamphlets on magic, will, sex magic and his ideas on Pre-Adamism. This work (books, rooms, and lodges) went on to greatly influence the Theosophical Society and to an extent, the Hermetic Brotherhood of Luxor.

Paschal went on to do great and sometimes not so great things. He founded schools in New Orleans for freed slaves, got himself “unfriended” by his influential contacts in the occult world at the time for his views on sacred sex and women’s rights (in the Victorian era, I mean really!). His use of hashish in magic was all but buried until the last 50 years or so.  By 1871, all of the lodges he founded were dissolved by “reason of treason.” (That’s more fall out from the Civil War, by the way.) Yet by 1874, the Rosicrucian order would rise again, with Paschal on board.

While Paschal led the way for occultism with his beliefs and actions, history has tried very hard to forget him. If you look up Rosicrucianism, you *might* find Paschal’s photo. More often than not? You will find merely footnotes.

Magic, esotericism, psychism and the occult are blacker than you think in North America.

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Asking for Help


  1. It is not enough just knowing when to ask for help. You have to know WHO to ask.

As a pagan and witch, I live in a world of Venn diagrams.  While some may share parts of my ideals, their entire world view may not be the same. That’s not a complaint. That’s just a fact. Furthermore, even if someone else shares most of my views, that doesn’t necessarily mean that they can help me in a time a crisis, magical or mundane. Again, not a complaint, just a fact. A few more just for giggles, we have to factor in how far way that “help” is in terms of: do they have their own life; have they just finished working way too man shifts and are burned out; are they in their own crisis mode; are they literally hours away in the form of distance and time zones; will my problems be a burden to them; did my spirits tell me to ask someone else; and a whole other host of parameters.


What all of this boils down to is that when the big mojo is going down, I may not ask YOU in particular for help. That’s not a slam on you. It’s just how I have to roll. Now this can go bad a number of ways.


When I began this path, there was this unspoken rule of “self sufficiency.” You broke it? You fix it.  We all know that doesn’t work out. Why? In this world of “Insta-Witchery” and “Credit Card Conjure,” it’s real easy to follow instructions from any webpage or conjure kit and find that you’ve cursed yourself. It’s not so easy to figure out how to undo those things. Now, as time passed and I learned better, that self sufficiency bullshit can still bite me in the ass. Why? Let’s talk about the shame you can feel when you have to admit that you messed up and can’t fix it.

Yeah. That.

It’s hard enough to admit that you’ve messed up. No one wants to get a dressing down from anyone. In that cycle of self shame, we imagine all kinds horrible things that someone could tell us about our follies. However, that’s not my warning in this. My warning is about those “teachers” and “elders” that will make you feel TERRIBLE while they “attempt” to “help” you out.

Yeah. Them.

Here’s where the witch earns their wand, though. Many of these teachers and elders have no idea how to help you – and they won’t even say that they can’t. The humiliation alone will be enough to drive seekers away and into the arms of apathy.  In my work with Beaux Magique, the hardest part is convincing people that they can come to me if they mess up. Hell, come to me BEFORE you do the crazy magic so we can keep the mistakes to a minimum.

So yeah, send out that help signal when you need it. However, please think hard about those who you accept help and assistance from.



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It’s not osmosis

9. The advice about hanging around successful people only works if you all have similar goals and you actually learn from the others. Hang out with billionaires all you want. Unless you stop buying lottery tickets or shit you don’t need, guess what?

It’s not Osmosis, people. However, it goes deeper than that.

You can buy all the statues you want. You can purchase all the cool clothing from local vendors that you wish. You can even buy all the oils, sprays, and ritual items that your heart desires. You can drop every dollar you have and get the really big tattoos of your gods, and faith. Guess what?

Artwork by Teemu Jahani


Yeah you can get all those things. Unless you’re doing the homework, you’re gonna fail the whole dang course. Having the fully decked out Instagram-esque aesthetic altar is nice. It’ll get you lots of likes and lots of attention. Don’t actually *work* that altar? Ha ha ha. Cuz that’s what the gods and spirits are gonna do when you actually try to petition them for something.

However, it goes deeper than that.

You can buy all the books you want. You can listen to all the podcasts you want. You can watch all the videos you want. You can buy all the magazines you want. Unless you are taking notes and using the information? IT MEANS NOTHING. Sure you can parrot to your Wannbe Wednesday witches that you heard of or saw that using rosemary in any spellwork is totally acceptable (It’s not by the way.). That might make you look “cool” or whatever you think is cool. Ya’ll know what I’m gonna say, right? IT MEANS NOTHING. If you’re doing the homework, journaling your spellwork and following the instructions? You will have a long record of RESULTS to show what herbs are truly effective for you.

And that’s what I’ve been getting at. All the successful people you idolize? They are RESULTS driven. You want to see change happen in your life? You want to have all the things? This ain’t osmosis. You learn and put those lessons in to effect.



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You Fix You

8. Your job is to fix you. If others learn from your example, great. If not? Move along.


I learned a thing from one of my mentors this summer. (If she knew that this was about her, she’d be VERY upset with me. HI PAM!) Here’s the thing:  A priestess or priest runs rituals, ceremonies and creates spiritual experiences for themselves. If anyone else, wants to come along, do the work and do the homework, that’s great. If not? Oh well.



That very thought added a foundation to my ideas of what a priestess is, stuck a pin where I have my convictions and made the globe of “who am I?” stop spinning.

I stopped waiting for my community to formally recognize me as a priestess. I stopped fantasizing over a regal neck torc and elaborate ceremony to get it.  I realize now that I fully believed that the ceremony and the ‘thing’ of getting a torc were the end all and be all of a priestess.  Honestly, they just part of the window dressing. Those things are not what makes me a priestess.


Forget the super expensive brass or gold neck torc. I went out, got a functioning wrist one – made with copper and bullets – and got back to work.

Once my head stopped spinning, I took a look at my ritual archive. No, not of the ones I’ve done publically – the “other” one.  I have a scary impressive bank of ideas, rituals, thought processes and ceremonies that I’ve never felt I had the support to pull off.

I’ve got a full year long devotion made for my patron god.  (Don’t worry, I’m recovering the website.)


I’ve got a proposal for creating a new way to learn to be a bard by using what we have available.

I can travel with my own painted labyrinth when introspection is needed:

I can make a mean magic potion

I know what I am. I know who I am. I know what I want to do in my spiritual life. And, if ya’ll want to come along for the ride? Do the homework and get a helmet. Cuz I got this idea for a road opening ritual that will be pretty epic… along with a few more crazy ideas.

Who am I? You can call me Rev Terrie Mountain Fire

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