The First Full Moon ~ Pray

Seven days ago, something wonderful happened. After five long years of study and several months of angst ridden testing, I became a Corellian Priestess, First Degree.

Terrie ~ Corellian Tradition - Mother Temple - Dancers of Shakti Temple - First Degree







Excitement and relief rolled through me. I got to announce to my fellow pagan peers that I finally reached one of many goals. I quipped “Now the real work starts.” And has it ever.

Two days ago, I did a single card Tarot reading for myself. Let it be known that I don’t have the best of experiences do this. However, that day was interesting. The card I drew? The Star.








My first thought was: “Seriously?”  My reasoning was simple. See that Star?  I have that tattooed on my right shoulder to represent my highest goals and dreams. I got that tattoo in 2000 as I graduated from college and had no idea what a pagan was.  Now, a lifetime later, there she was, the Star card shining back at me as a promise of a better future where the Universes is on *my* side for a change.

Oh it gets better.

Now we here. My first full moon as a bona fide priestess. I’m racked with migraines. I can’t keep my food down. I’ve lost one of my favourite bracelets and not even the Fey have decided to retrieve it for me.  Just when I thought that maybe – just maybe – I’m not cut out for this work, a few more signs came my way. Make that three signs:










That’s right. I saw with these four eyes, every one of my animal totems – in the same day. Hawk flew along side me as I drove to work. Raven and all his buddies played outside my window at work. Coyote gave a whisper of a reminder that he was still around as he crossed the road in front of my car on the drive home – to disappear in the brush and snow in seconds.

Yeah, I think I’m gonna be ok.  So begins a new journey with a new look and focus.
☮ T