In Defense of Print ~ Train

I just dropped about $40 on my favorite magazines – and I couldn’t be happier. Magazines

I couldn’t do it anymore. I’ve been using my Kobo and Kindle to combat the tough economy and still support my favorite authors.  I’m uncomfortable when I look at my credit card statement that lists how many books and magazines I’ve purchased – and not read.  Why? The temptation of the screen is too much.

We live in a time where, as one of my favorite comedian Greg Proops says, “all of our friends live in our phones.” The flicking of movement on our phones, tablets and televisions is incessant. The bombardment of commercials is constant and everywhere – even the highway as we drive. I’m looking at you Gardiner Expressway!

What’s a consumer to do?  We live with using free services to stay connected to friends and family and keep the long distance bills down.  Ads roll down the side of our screens. Even while trying to read, I’m reminded by pop ups in my browser or the “ding” on my phone that others are doing and saying things that may be on interest to me. Emphasis on “may.” Emails roll in, chat messages pop up, videos start by themselves and jolt me out of my expectations for what should be a chosen silent experience.  Don’t even get me started on getting distracted.

Please for the love of the gods, no more “Happy” videos or macabre stories of people dying after tweeting selfies while driving. K.Thnx.Bai.

It’s almost impossible to read online without blinking ads ( STILL ) pop ups, or something else hatched by javascript to get our attention, get us to shop or offer a new “free” service that promises to make our lives easy.  Know what will make life easier for a bit? Unplug.

Yes. Even in the digital age, our brain cells need a break not just to meditate or just stare off in space. While those things are needed, we need more. Take some time to curl up with a good book, your notepad, pens or highlighter and focus your eyes on words that don’t move, change colors or require you to click a pop up box to get back to what you were doing.

I trekked my @ss down to my local Chapters and perused the magazine rack and the bargain section.  I picked up the latest of my faves and one book that looks amazing.  Shapes for SoundsAnd if anyone needs me, I’ll be having a tea and reading a book – investing my full self in a learning experience.