Upgrade Your Magic ~ Pray

In the past few years the economy has tanked, it’s true. We’ve all had to save our pennies for the really nice things we want. So why not do the same for your magic work?

Here’s the thing. The prevailing theory behind most magic is “as above so below.” The translation? “Garbage in. Garbage out.” If you can afford to get better quality of materials yet choose to go cheap? Guess what your magic results will be?

Now before everyone loses their minds, read the above again. Now read it out loud. The part that should stick out is the ” if you can afford to get better quality. ” if you’re still trying to get food on your table to feed yourself and your family? I won’t begrudge you on that point. However, if you’re shopping for a new video game or crystal? Some bling that you really don’t need to survive? Seriously, just get better spell materials.

I have to admit that I have an ulterior motive here, Not just for myself. Since the economic fubar in the past few years, a whole new class of artisans have emerged. From all natural candles, hand made fantastic incense, fine crafted jewelry to some great soaps and artwork are all available for you – made by people you know who understand the importance and value of good work.

Yes, it may seem expensive. Just give them your money.

So I hear some dissenters in the crowd. Ok fine. Let’s say that item A seems steep on price. Answer these questions:

  1. Can you get it anywhere else?
  2. Was it hand or machine made?
  3. Can you talk to the person who made it and look them in the eye?
  4. Can you get it customized specifically for you?
  5. Can you get all that from the $1 store?

And more importantly, will you have a better magical experience with a product that you know will work and work as intended?

Hopefully the point is clear here. Save your shekels and get the good stuff. If you’re looking for me to plug my own business, you’re out of luck. HOWEVER, Check out the Pagan Business Network to find a whole new world of great products made by great people.